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don't stop believing
she took the midnight train going anywhere
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18th-Jun-2011 02:16 pm - IC/OOC Contact
★ → dear diary

Hello, you've reached Rachel Berry's voicemail. I know this isn't nearly as good as getting to talk to me in person, but until I find the time to go through my booked schedule, I'm afraid it'll have to do. Leave a message!

[Phone capabilities include conversation, voice mail, text messages, picture messages, & video messages. Specify in subject line!]
18th-Jun-2011 01:01 pm - How's My Driving
☀ → the candy man can!

This is the part where I come begging to you for concrit on how I can improve Rachel. Really, every little bit is appreciated! ♥
❤ → rad bromance
[Squeezing Finn's hand, Rachel beamed, readjusting the strap on her shoulder just slightly as he pushed open the doors to the school, the cold November air more welcoming than it should have been.] Date night tonight!

[Spotting Jesse's Range Rover already idling at the curb out in front of McKinley, Rachel waved, urging Finn to speed up. Opening the passenger door, she slipped her bag off her shoulder, scooting it into the foot room as she leaned in to kiss Jesse hello.] Sorry, glee ran a bit late today; I tried to make Mr. Schue hurry, but he wasn't listening.
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